Wednesday Stamper

I was hit by the dreaded flu virus and spent most of last week in a haze of congestion and medication. It is quite amazing how much damage a tiny little virus can cause!!! My whole household was rocked… I dread to think of what a pandemic would do to the nation. Anyway, I digress. I was feeling a bit perkier yesterday and since I really love butterflies, I thought I would work on another page for my book which I need to get bound very soon. I like to try different things so this is a bit out of my usual style for me but I was hoping for spring as the skies dropped another 5 inches of snow on us again yesterday!!! One can hope right??


February 26, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. herminesplace replied:

    I love the arches and this one is gorgeous.

  2. deb replied:

    This is lovely.

  3. Silvia replied:

    Herrliche Farben, schönes Werk.

  4. Anne Swinkels replied:

    Prachtige kaart mooie achtergrond kleuren!!

  5. Loona replied:

    gorgeous your gothic arch .

  6. saray replied:

    Say the same: Gorgeous!!!

  7. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is so lovely with great springtime colors. I hope you get to feeling better and stay warm :o)

  8. Nicole Z. replied:

    Great card and wonderful colors. 😉

  9. Rella replied:

    I am so sorry to hear you were sick 😦 Rest up and feel better…..your page is lovely and that is such a great shape for a book. I must try it some day. ~ Rella

  10. Laurie replied:

    I’m sorry to hear you were sick – I had it too – a really nasty strain of the cold/flu – nothing got done for an entire week – but I am better now. Hope you are soon, too! Love this latest piece!

  11. dani replied:

    this is at the last days my favorite image. I like your card, it is great!

  12. Dani D replied:

    so great artwork

  13. Belinda replied:

    oooh, you poor thing!!! hope you’re better now. been down with a gastrointestinal infection and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. yuk! hope your boys survived. 🙂 all the best!

  14. Patti Gramza replied:

    Love your arch as always, but more importantly I hope you are feeling well! Ohhhhh that flu thing is awful and I just hope you can come around 100%! thinking of you! Hugs,Patti

  15. Jo Wholohan replied:

    congrats Tina on the art in art-e-zine :)) love the goth pages!!!

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