Pink and Red

I made these 2 fat book pages after my long relationship of recent with pink!!! At least these required some red. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the run up to Valentine’s day this year. I love the heart as a motif, symbol etc etc.


February 21, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Kristen Robinson replied:

    Such yummy colors, what a lovely addition to any fat book!


  2. Nicole Z. replied:

    Great dear, looks fab, wonderful warm colors. šŸ˜‰

  3. Sija replied:

    Wow, great composition and wonderful colors!

  4. Belinda replied:

    oh yes, you can do red and pink really well. love the acrylic layers! and the image on the first page is most amazing. i’m starting a second gothic arch book!! help me … but the finished book looks sooo nice, i want more.:)

  5. Pilar Pollock replied:

    Love what you did with red! The little umbrella is so charming!

  6. Rella replied:

    Maybe we could extend Valentines Day just a wee bit more so that we can have some more of your luscious pin and red “eye-Candy”…oh yes, that is a delightful idea!! ~ Rella

  7. Ilka replied:

    Tina, such wonderful pages…!

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