This is my very first collaged 1″by 1″ square. You will be happy to see it is not pink!!!LOL. I have been fascinated by the many blogs I have visited and seen these little beauties so I decided to try it out after a friend sent me one of my own. It is the smallest surface I have collaged on and I have resigned myself to the tiny canvas; atc’s are like my favourite thing to make and I have nothing but trouble when I try to go bigger!!! I am going with the flow!collaged-red-inchie.jpg


February 16, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Dawn Thomas replied:

    Go with that flow Tina.LOVE IT.
    Inchies are addictive, BE CAREFUL. lol

    Love ya blog


  2. Hermine replied:

    I have to try this too, it looks like a challenge.

  3. Rella replied:

    Tina ~ you made a luscious inchie!!! So, do you feel the urge to make more? LOL
    I am so loving the ATC from you…it’s just gorgeous and on display in a very special place. Best to you my friend ~ Rella

  4. shari schneider replied:

    Welcome to the world of “mini masterpieces”!! Who ever thought that it could be so much fun to create so small??? I just love making these tiny treasures and YES, they are addictive!

  5. Barbara replied:

    Oh my how cute your inchie is.

  6. Patti Gramza replied:

    Awesome inchie Tina!!!! I am working on my first batch too, for a swap, white, fabric … that is a TINY format!!! Fun and intersting for sure!!! Hugs,Patti
    Happy Monday……..grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  7. Nichole replied:

    This is my first time visiting and I’m delighted by your work!

    I’m new at inchies too. What does it say about me that the first inchies I made were pink? In case you’re curious:

    also, I have a small arty blog of my own, which is a baby really, so not much action there yet. The link is

  8. brenda replied:

    Thanks so much for the picture. Had no idea what they were. Now I need to find some fabric ones!

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