Even more tags

Here are the last set of tags I made for a swap.tags-for-swap-5.jpg


February 15, 2007. Tags.


  1. Patti Gramza replied:

    Your tags are bbbbbbbeautiful Tina!!!!!

    And doll, I see that you won a charm from the last poster in your comments below this about the music video! I hope that you went and sent her your addy!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeee!
    Have a great weekend sweetie!!!!

  2. Dawn Thomas replied:

    Super tags Tina. What fab eye candy.
    Love your style ( its oooozing out )

    LUV EM all


  3. Barbara replied:

    GORGEOUS TAGS!!! Love all your amazing backgrounds and images!!!

  4. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…i have enjoyed seeing all of these tags and the ones from the previous posts. They are all fabulous and there is so much to look at and i just love your backgrounds.

  5. Belinda replied:

    you’re on a roll!!! and you’re having fun and your muse is with you.

  6. Natalie Briney replied:

    WOW!! These are all fabulous. Can you please share with me how you got the butterfly over the girls eye in the second from the left top tag?? I’m guessing it’s some sort of transfer, but it just looks so fabulous! I love all of your work, it’s awesome!

    Natalie Briney

  7. tina replied:

    I wish I were so clever!! That image comes like that. I am sure it was done in photoshop or something similar. It is an image from paperwhimsey.

  8. Hermine replied:

    These are gorgeous tags. I love everyone of them, bu I love SEE the most. How did you made that background, its stunning.

  9. AscenderRisesAbove replied:

    do you ‘quilt’ the 1 x 1 s together… or do they go on a calendar? (that would be interesting!)

  10. saray replied:

    Great work!Love them all.

  11. Trudi replied:

    Wow Tina – Your tags are to die for! I am humbled by how elegant and beautiful each of them are – and the backgrounds are equally creative! I’ll look forward to getting ONE from you….I wonder which one!

    Thanks for posting them,
    Trudi (AAO)

  12. Jacky replied:

    Tina, loooove your tags!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. Definately have to participate in a tag swap in future. Beautiful art!

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