Corinne Bailey Rae

I have been enjoying Belinda’s posts so I had to try. this is one of my fave artists right now; Corinne Bailey Rae. This is the actual video of the first time I saw her on Michael Parkinson’s show in the UK. She has some new music out. Have a look. I also love the graphics on her album covers.


February 14, 2007. Miscellanous.


  1. Belinda replied:

    can you believe this!! i cannot “hear” it because i’m a resident out of the US. sheesh good thing you’re no longer in the UK! i wanted to order an evanescence t-shirt in december and couldn’t, because my ip address was not within the us. discrimination i call this hehe 😉

  2. Belinda replied:

    well, at least i can access you tube!! goosebumps time here, real big! haven’t seen this version before, very special. perfect for valentine’s day. hope yours will be special, filled with mucha luv.

  3. Gisele replied:

    and the Winner is……

    As soon as you email me your address Tina ( , “Beloved” will be packed & on her merry way to you!

  4. Barbara replied:

    OK. I am sold and will be purchasing this CD!!!

  5. Rella replied:

    This is one of my newer favs, also! She just makes me smile and feel quite lovely inside.

  6. Michelle replied:

    Hi Tina, hello from western australia, i absolutely love your tags they are gourgous, i am so glad i stumble across your blog


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