Wednesday Stamper

A tag I made today just for fun. Pink is my current favourite color! LOL


February 7, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Linda replied:

    Oh I am so loving pink my dear!!! this is wonderful!!! I like that stamp you used too!! just lovely!! Hugs Linda
    ?? the date and time shows this was posted Thurs?? 3:15AM? anyway not sure if it is a problem??

  2. tina s replied:

    Thanks for pointing it out Linda; I hope I have fixed it! No I am not posting at 3 am.LOL

  3. Rebecca replied:

    Hi Tina. I am so excited! I never win anything! WooHOO! And I love the Valentine heart! How shall I send you my information? I am not sure how best to send my information so I am going to get VERY brave and hope that those who visit your blog are kind.

    I am going to give you my blog email address. Would you please email me and then I will email you my address? I feel VERY uncomfortable posting my address for all those 2000 some daily hits to take a gander at…

    Anyway. Thanks a bunch and I SO look forward to getting my valentine! Your brightened my day! 🙂 Rebecca from Renaissance

  4. Rebecca replied:

    Ps. I love the lady on this tag…

  5. saray replied:

    Wonderful work!!

  6. Hermine replied:

    FABULOUS. Really love everything of it.

  7. Sija replied:

    Great work!

  8. Patti Gramza replied:

    Pink is a great color and especially the way you work it!!!!!!! :0) I love your art Tina!!!!!
    Beautiful tag! Hugs,Patti

  9. Marion replied:

    Absolutely lovely, especially the additional white stamps.

  10. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is wonderful. I love the corner stamp.

  11. Gisele replied:

    Beautiful tag Tina!

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