Unusual valentine

I watched Michael deMeng on Craft lab this morning and wanted to try out his layering technique. I couldn’t find any rusty bits to add but I think I like the colors; not your usual valentine.


February 3, 2007. ATC's.


  1. shari schneider replied:

    I didn’t get to see the show and I LOVE what you did with the technique. Please make this a “show & tell”!!! PLEASE tell me ho to do it so I can make one too!!
    -hugs, shari xxx

  2. Patti Gramza replied:

    This is beautiful Tina!!! An unusual color and style are ALWAYS fun and interesting!! I love this!

  3. shari schneider replied:

    Thanks for the comment/response on my blog. I appreciate the mini tutorial. You are not only talented—you are very nice! -shari

  4. Belinda replied:

    woohoo … michael de meng on tv! darn, we don’t get any of that. can’t wait to get his book. definitely more my kinda valentine 🙂 beautiful! but he has to be experienced in real, so am looking forward to my lightbulb class with him.

  5. Shirley replied:

    This is wonderful!

  6. Dawn Thomas replied:

    Super use of colour . MDM is certainly an inspiration.

    Wonderful artwork


  7. Karin replied:

    Beautiful…I love the colors. I’ve got craft lab set on my dvr…..btw your earring are in the mail!

  8. audrey h. replied:

    Tina…this is fabulous and of course i love the greens. I can’t believe i missed that show. I need to remember to watch it as i keep forgetting that it is on.

  9. Nicole Z. replied:

    Looks great. 😉

  10. bluejude replied:

    I have to say that this is my fave valentine I’ve seen so far in blogging world! Very cool!

  11. AscenderRisesAbove replied:

    very pretty!
    (so many people having problems with blogger and making the move… can’t imagine how many users they have lost)

  12. Clau replied:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d also love to know how you did that. Never seen anything like that before.

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