Wednesday Stamper

I was hit by the dreaded flu virus and spent most of last week in a haze of congestion and medication. It is quite amazing how much damage a tiny little virus can cause!!! My whole household was rocked… I dread to think of what a pandemic would do to the nation. Anyway, I digress. I was feeling a bit perkier yesterday and since I really love butterflies, I thought I would work on another page for my book which I need to get bound very soon. I like to try different things so this is a bit out of my usual style for me but I was hoping for spring as the skies dropped another 5 inches of snow on us again yesterday!!! One can hope right??


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Wednesday Stamper


February 21, 2007. ATC's, Wednesday Stamper. 14 comments.

Pink and Red

I made these 2 fat book pages after my long relationship of recent with pink!!! At least these required some red. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the run up to Valentine’s day this year. I love the heart as a motif, symbol etc etc.

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Wednesday Stamper

Here is my contribution to this weeks theme which is Footwear; a very difficult topic for me seeing as I don’t really buy any shoe related stamps. I have seen some fabulous ones but never know what to do with them. This stamp came on a plate from paperbagstudios. This piece is a decorated envelope so there is a bit of space on the right side for the address.

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This is my very first collaged 1″by 1″ square. You will be happy to see it is not pink!!!LOL. I have been fascinated by the many blogs I have visited and seen these little beauties so I decided to try it out after a friend sent me one of my own. It is the smallest surface I have collaged on and I have resigned myself to the tiny canvas; atc’s are like my favourite thing to make and I have nothing but trouble when I try to go bigger!!! I am going with the flow!collaged-red-inchie.jpg

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Even more tags

Here are the last set of tags I made for a swap.tags-for-swap-5.jpg

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Corinne Bailey Rae

I have been enjoying Belinda’s posts so I had to try. this is one of my fave artists right now; Corinne Bailey Rae. This is the actual video of the first time I saw her on Michael Parkinson’s show in the UK. She has some new music out. Have a look. I also love the graphics on her album covers.

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The prompt on both Artwords and Inspire me Thursday this week is hearts. They have been featuring in my pieces quite a bit this year; more than in years past. I bought a new moleskin journal today because I wanted one that was more portable for carrying around all the time and in order to conquer the blank page syndrome, I decided to put down some color using watercolors. I ended up painting these hearts which I never do! The little square which says love is the wrapper of some darling chocolates I found at the store the other day. Of course I had to eat the chocolate to get the wrapper!!!!! Not sure if I will journal over this or not but the page is certainly not blank anymore. LOL!

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More tags

Here are 3 more tags front and back. I couldn’t stay away from pink. LOL!

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GPP Street Team Crusade No 5

Here is the journal page I mentioned. I finished it during the week but had to get some new markers. I am still looking for the perfect pen that can write on oil pastels. I love to use them for color but cannot find anything that is capable of writing on them. Anyway, i digress…..
Here is my offering for the GPP Street Team crusade No 5. I really identified with Michelle’s prompts for this month so I am going to work on journaling about a few of my other everyday loves. The things we take for granted. Watch this space!

February 11, 2007. Journal pages. 8 comments.

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