More atc’s to trade

Okay I made some more because I can’t seem to stop. I made these in between projects. Right now I have about 3 projects on the go, one which I am hoping will tell me what I need to finish it because I have been staring at it for over a week!!! So how many of you are like me and cannot stay on task for too long??? Thank goodness for atc’s. I am really really trying to work bigger!!


January 16, 2007. ATC's.


  1. Gisele replied:

    Hi Tina

    These are great! Are either of the first 2 still available. Mine are on on my trail in the for trade album if there’s anything you fancy…

    Did you decide to go ahead & get some soldering materials?

  2. saray replied:

    WOW,your works are so great and beautiful!!
    Love it all!!

  3. Punto Productos replied:

    Will trade ATC ACEO’s if you want.

    PO BOX 1101
    MOUNT CLEMENS MI 48046-1101

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