Wednesday Stamper

This is my contribution to this weeks Wednesday Stamper. I love to use circles in my pieces as seen here; sometimes subtle like in the background but also more obvious circles.


January 9, 2007. Wednesday Stamper.


  1. Hermine replied:

    This looks great, great background.

  2. Patti Gramza replied:

    She is gorgeous Tina!!!! What happened, Blog was not good to you and now where did you hear of wordpress? Hmmm, ths looks nice and I love your art on the banner at the top of the page too! NEAT!!!! So you are done with the blog and this will be your new area? If so, I will change it for myself! Thanks Tina!Hugs,Patti

  3. Christine replied:

    Nice, Tina!! 🙂 I love her — and love circles, too!!

  4. Moni replied:

    ein tolles Werk

  5. Marcy replied:

    Just beautiful, Tina. You won me over with the numbers and the colors.

  6. Jo Wholohan replied:

    Lovely Tina!!! Do tell how you get the beautiful pics under your headline????

  7. AscenderRisesAbove replied:

    wonderful new site; i had to make the move like you did. wordpress is still a mystery to me

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